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Global leadership in context

April 28, 2016

As this Global Leadership Map Blog gets underway, let’s take a moment to begin to clarify exactly what the construct means.  The concept of Global leadership is still emerging in the leadership field, combining leadership practices with those of cultural competency, while highlighting the significance of a dynamic and complex relations in the leadership process.

That complexity will be demonstrated by the diversity of posts to be seen each each.  Links and original writings will cover such topics as global leadership competencies (global mindset, character, interpersonal skills, cross-cultural communication, managing communities, etc. . .), as well as highlighting successful global leaders and global citizens doing great things from around the world.

Always in mind will be the idea that the thoughts and actions we take out into the world, and the information and issues from afar which we bring into our own sphere of influence, will strengthen the bridges between our local lives and our global connections.  It’s an exciting journey to undertaken.  I welcome your ideas and will often offer guest blogging opportunities.  Let’s continue to #learnmore.

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